Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Professional SEO to get you real results

We analyse nearly 200 SEO ranking factors for your website optimisation. Here are few important SEO workflow elements.

Keywords & Market Analysis

Keyword analysis is based on customer search behaviour. We look at the search volume and how relevant the keyword is for your business.

OnSite Analysis

We look at the whole of the site and how major changes of more technical nature such as performance can be improved.

Market-oriented site structure

We make a clear plan for how the site’s structure of pages and information can be improved.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse how you stand against competitors on search engines.

SEO Content

We write search engine-adapted texts and develop content strategies. SEO Melbourne is best in Content optimisation.

SEO for e-commerce

SEO for e-commerce, we’re focusing more on increasing conversions and improving CTR levels (clickthrough rate).

Search engine optimisation that works

Within SEO, nothing is as persistent as change. The prerequisites for what is rewarded and ranked high by Google is constantly being adjusted, therefore thoroughness and long-term importance are necessary to achieve results.
For us at SEO Melbourne, SEO is a continuous work where we constantly adapt our work to new conditions. We analyse your site, identify opportunities and needs, then optimise it to find it by the search engines and provide a better user experience for the visitors.

Search engine optimisation at SEO Melbourne

At our office in Melbourne, hand-picked SEO specialists work to help customers with search engine optimisation Melbourne & Australia.
With us, you also have a personal project manager who is responsible for maximising your investment.
The project manager follows up and reports the results on a regular basis. We also place great emphasis on increasing your knowledge and understanding of search engine optimisation through knowledge transfer to your organisation.

Our Work flow at SEO Melbourne

Here is a quick walkthrough of our SEO workflow at “SEO Melbourne Services”. We promise that we can deliver excellent results.

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SEO melbourne workflow
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Every day, there are over 70 million searches on Google in Australia. We use search engines to find information and inspiration at home, at work, on the bus and wherever we bring our mobile phone.
We quickly go up the right answer in a discussion on dinner with friends as well as do research before buying with the help of search engines.

82% of smartphone users consult their phone when they are in the store and are going to make a purchase. It may be questions about which product is best or if the price is better elsewhere.
90% of smartphone users are also not sure what brand they want to buy when they start researching the internet. Appearing online is, therefore, the key to success, no matter what type of services or products you offer.

What is search engine optimisation?

It’s no coincidence who appears at the top of Google. It also has nothing to do with your company’s size or how much you sell. Your ranking depends entirely on how your website is perceived by the search engines.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is when we customise its site based on some important parameters search engines use as part of their algorithm.
The algorithm is the formula that determines how well your landing page answers the user’s question. By optimising your site with the search engine algorithm in mind, your visibility in search results can be significantly improved.

The effects of search engine optimisation

The goal of SEO is, of course, to increase the visibility of search engines and thus bring more visitors. Google accounts for over 90% of all search engine search engines in Australia, and therefore at SEO Melbourne we focus on Google.

But it’s not just about increasing the number of visitors to your site. The most important thing for your business goals is to get the right visitors, those who actually do what you want them to do on your website.

Quality is our primary goal of search engine optimisation and we are therefore always trying to help our customers measure conversions. All our consultants are experts in Google Analytics and can help you interpret data and structure your account according to current guidelines.

You can easily follow the effects of our work in our customer portal and our consultants periodically record reconciliation with you where we review changes in placements, traffic and conversion.
These reconciliations are also an occasion when discussing future changes, bouncing ideas, and updating strategies. All with the intention of improving the opportunity for you to do more business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a collective name for various methods and techniques used to make a web page appear as high as possible in search engine search results.

The ranking of web pages is done automatically using algorithms that, in turn, take into account several different parameters (several years ago, these were over 200 according to Google).

Today, Google goes out of a number of core algorithms to evaluate different websites. They also use increasingly artificial intelligence (Rank Brain) to rank websites.
By optimising the site to match these parameters as well as possible, you can improve the site’s ranking. The term SEO is an abbreviation of the English term Search Engine Optimisation.

Our SEO Managers, also known as SEO consultants or SEO specialists, work to analyse and optimise websites to maximise their visibility in search engines like Google.

Basically, it is about developing content, structure and exposure to best address visitors. In turn, it will appeal to search engines like Google.

If you run a local business, one’s website should reflect this as well. This means that you do not need to compete nationwide if you want to reach customers in the immediate area. Therefore, optimise your site towards a narrower target audience and make it clear to visitors where to find you.

A large number of online searches are linked to different locations because you are looking for local services in their area.
For example, if you Want to be seen on the word search engine optimisation, it may be good to think of local searches like:

• SEO Melbourne
• SEO Sydney
• SEO Brisbane
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• Best SEO Melbourne
• SEO Consultant Melbourne

Search engine companies want satisfied users to come back. In order to deliver as much a search engine as possible, Google and the other search engines are constantly working on improving their services.

They do this by processing their algorithms – the conditions that determine the ranking. Search engine development in recent years has made SEO work more complex and complex.

Profitable SEO work is therefore about working strategically and in the long term by seeking an understanding of the way in which search engines move. We follow the latest developments in search engines and guide to strategic SEO.

Working with both SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is often very beneficial.

When building a better website in their SEO work, you get better opportunities to succeed with advertising on search engines.

In Google Adwords (which is a type of SEM advertising), there is something called Quality Score that assesses the quality of the landing pages chosen for their ads, among other things.

A high quality score means that you need to pay less in clicks for their Adwords ads, as relevancy becomes higher.